Till yesterday,i was in a dreamworld Then i met you and i found myself.You told me the secret of this world but i wasn’t sure if it was right.

You told me again and again but as always,i never LISTENED.Then came a time,when my heart spoke and told me this world wasn’t meant for you.

I needed you the most,my poor soul was calling you but Alas,you were nowhere to be found.

The perfect storm raged,the winds blew, my life tossed back and forth but my soul kept its compass pointed in the direction of true north

I struggled for many years,my heart seemed to be searching for a meaning.

It was on that beautiful morning,when the sun was shining bright,birds were chirping with joy and the ground looked green with sparkling dewdrops on it.

You were standing infront of me,like a prince for his lady.My heart stopped for a moment,as if it had found the inner peace.

Then my heart said aloud ”Your search is complete my dear,you have found the true life and most importantly,’YOURSELF‘.


Hope you guys would love it!!โ˜บโ˜บ


Author: nabley

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. http://Nabley.wordpress.com

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